Captain Jack Sparrow Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Jack Sparrow Costume

Jack Sparrow Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt, ruffled, linen This shirt is the typical pirate style ruffled linen shirt that Jack favors as he is a pirate himself.
2 Trousers, costume, black These black pants are in an old style of clothing that was also present during the era of Jack Sparrow.
3 Coat, costume, brown Jack Sparrow’s coat is a big part of this costume because it is one of the items that you can see the best on him. This costume coat also comes with Jack’s leather sash around his upper body and the long white material he keeps around his waist.
4 Facial hair, pirate Jack has the typical pirate facial hair with a mustache and beaded beard.
5 Hat, wig, pirate This tricorn hat has dreads attached to it and also comes with an earring. These items are all in the style of Jack Sparrow and will help your costume.
6 Weapons, costume Jack’s choice of weapons are a pirate sword and old-fashioned pistol that you see here together.
7 Accessories, hand Jack is a man that loves his accessories. He has many such accessories on his hands in the form of hand wraps and rings.
8 Compass, magic Jack’s compass is a very important item to him that he always has or is always trying to get back.
9 Boots, leather, brown The boots Jack wears are in the very typical pirate style. They are tall, brown, and quite beat up.

Jack Sparrow is a swashbuckling adventuresome character that is every inch a scoundrel and pirate. His style of dress is also very typical to pirate fashion. He wears a simple linen shirt and pants with a large coat over the top, along with several different sashes tied around him and the coat.

He also loves his jewelry and accessories and makes sure to have many on him, such as in his beard and on his hands and fingers. Along with those things, he also has a fair amount of weapons carried on his, such as a sword and pistol. The outfit finishes off with a pair of large, brown, beaten up pirate boots.

Jack Sparrow Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Jack Sparrow has a sun-beaten, chiseled face, and he has his eyes lined in black makeup. To get the same look for your costume, you can follow this makeup tutorial.

About Jack Sparrow

The notorious Captain Jack Sparrow is the main and starring in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is every inch the swashbuckling scoundrel adventurer that a pirate should be, and is quite comical to boot.

In the movies, Jack is played by Johnny Depp, who only strives to make his role as the pirate all the quirkier.