Blackbeard Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Blackbeard Costume

Blackbeard Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Victorian Frock Coat Get ready to dress up as a pillaging captain by donning this Victorian frock coat.
2 Brown Pirate Pants Match up your coat with this pair of brown pirate pants.
3 Brown Pirate Boots Be adept in your swashbuckling by slipping into these brown knee-high pirate boots.
4 Red Pirate Sash Belt Add color to your costume and highlight your waist with this red pirate sash belt.
5 Black Wrist Guards Provide further protection during your skirmishes by wearing these black wrist guards.
6 Pirate Headband Cap your hair with this pirate headband.
7 Pirate Hat Show who is the leader with this black tricorn pirate hat.
8 Black Beard and Mustache Be recognized and sow terror by wearing this black beard and mustache.
9 JShoulder Sword Belt Choose this shoulder belt to hold your sword and clip your other weapons.
10 Pirate Sword and Pistol Pick this tandem pirate sword and pistol as you plunder across the seas.
11 Pirate Pistol Holster Use this pirate pistol holder to hang your weapon.
12 Extra Pirate Pistols Include these extra pirate pistols to your weaponry.
13 Full Costume Set Select this full costume set instead of DIY-ing for an easy dress up.

Blackbeard is the hugely well-known, if not the most famous, pirate in history, who derived his nickname from his thick black beard and fearsome appearance. He captured a French ship, equipped it with 40 guns and a crew of 300 men, and renamed it Queen Anne’s Revenge. From then on, he became notorious for his plundering along various coasts and the Caribbean Sea.

Blackbeard is the inspiration for how a classic pirate looks like. He wears a Victorian frock coat, brown pirate pants, brown pirate boots, a red pirate sash belt, black wrist guards, a pirate headband, a pirate hat, and a shoulder sword belt.

About Blackbeard

Blackbeard has a fearsome reputation but he actually spurned savagery and multiple witness accounts never report any violence from him.

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