Hilda's Costume from Pokemon for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Hilda’s Costume from Pokemon

Hilda Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Beehive Wig Start the look with a nice wig that has a good volume.
2 Cap Now, top the wig off with a nice pink cap.
3 White Top Wear a nice sleeveless top.
4 Vest Then, wear a black vest to complete the top.
5 Denim Shorts For the bottoms, you can wear distressed denim shorts.
6 Black Socks Get a pair of black socks to wear with the look as well.
7 Boots Keep the look rocking with a pair of boots.
8 Pink Laces Add a cute touch to the boots with these laces.
9 Arm Guard Wear this arm guard for a cool trainer touch.
10 Toy Watch Style the arm guard with this watch.
11 Pink Bag Complete the look with a cute pink bag.

Hilda’s outfit features a very casual look with touches of pink. If you wish to recreate the look, you can wear a white top, a black vest, and distressed denim shorts. You can also get a pair of dark boots and style it with pink laces to match the pink cap and bag that Hilda also has.

About Hilda

Hilda is a the protagonist for the game called Pokémon Black and White. She journeys through Unova in pursuit of being a Pokémon master. Their friends are Cheren and Bianca who are also trainers. In the game, the goal is to get the eight Gym badges at Unova and challenge the Elite Four of the league. The game is won when the character bests the Champion.

Hilda is a tall and slender girl with long dark brown hair tied in a ponytail and striking blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a white tank shirt that extends to her waist, which she wears underneath a black waistcoat. She pairs this with denim shorts that have white tear details on them. Her hat is white and pink, featuring a pink Poké Ball design. Additionally, she sports black wristbands with a small pink stripe on each one. Her footwear includes black ankle boots with pink laces and soles, along with black socks underneath. Lastly, she carries a pink messenger bag with her.