Oddish Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Oddish Costume

Oddish Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Dress Wear a blue dress as Oddish are blue.
2 Blue Tights Dress up with a pair of blue tights to stick to the Oddish blue theme.
3 Red Buttons Instead of eyes, you can glue red buttons on your dress to signify the Oddish’s eyes.
4 Green Wig Wear a green wig as an alternative to the Oddish leafy hair.
5 Oddish Beanie Look more like an Oddish with an Oddish beanie.
6 Oddish Plushie Bring along an Oddish plushie for added cuteness points.

Oddish may look cute when you’re not bothering them. However, they emit a truly horrible shriek. But one thing that many Pokemon fans love about Oddish is their head of green leaves. When they’re hiding, they look like inconspicuous plants. Burying themselves in the ground also serves as their way of absorbing nutrients.

Oddish are adorable, there’s no denying that. They are small, blue, round Pokemons with long green leaves as their hair. They have red eyes to two tiny feet. Here’s everything you need to look like an Oddish from Pokemon.

About Oddish

Oddish is a Generation I Weed Pokemon with the poisonous abilities. It is awake during the nighttime and hides during the day.

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