Cubone Costume from Pokemon for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Cubone Costume

Cubone Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Onesie Start off your Cubone outfit with a simple brown onesie as your base.
2 Skull Helmet Don’t forget to wear this Cubone-inspired skull helmet to really look like this Ground-type Pokemon.
3 Bone Club Make sure to bring along this bone and treat it as your main weapon of choice.
4 Pokeball Plushie Make sure to add a Pokemon reference to your costume by bringing along this adorable Pokeball plushie.

Cubone is a Ground type Pokemon that looks like some sort of dinosaur wearing a skull as a helmet. Its real face has never been seen before and it is known for its crying at the night of a full moon. After some time, it evolves into a Marowak. Its main abilities are Rock Head and Lightning Rod.

While Cubone is a cute Pokemon, you can’t help but feel bad that it’s sad. He wears a brown onesie, a Cubone-inspired helmet, and brings along a bone as its club.

About Cubone

Cubone is among the pokemons introduced in Generation I. In Japanese, his name is pronounced as Karakara which is the sound of clattering in Japanese.

The theory is that Cubone evolved from a Kangaskhan baby whose mother died. The baby takes her skull and wears it as its helmet.

In terms of appearance, Cubone resembles a small dinosaur-like creature with blue skin. Its most distinctive feature is the skull it wears as a symbol of remembrance and protection. This bone helmet is believed to give Cubone strength and resilience in battle.

Cubone has a timid and solitary nature due to the loss of its mother at a young age. The official Pokédex describes how Cubone becomes attached to the bone of its deceased parent, wearing it as a constant reminder. Many fans find this aspect of Cubone’s story particularly poignant.

Furthermore, Cubone’s backstory has captured the hearts of Pokémon trainers across various media adaptations. In the animated series and games, players often encounter Cubones mourning their mothers in Lavender Town’s Pokémon Tower—a location dedicated to honoring departed Pokémon spirits.

In battles, Cubone relies on its strong physical moves and Ground-type abilities such as Earthquake and Bonemerang. They offer excellent offensive capabilities against opponents weak to Ground-type attacks. As trainers help Cubones grow stronger, they gain confidence and overcome their initial sadness.

Evolution-wise, if a Cubone manages to find solace in its journey alongside a skilled trainer, it evolves into Marowak. Marowak sheds the skull helmet during evolution but still carries memories of its past experiences. Alolan Marowak even boasts an alternate form with Fire/Ghost typing—a unique twist that adds depth to this already compelling character line.

In summary, Cubone stands out among Pokémon for its emotional backstory revolving around loss and remembrance. Its iconic skull helmet serves as both a symbol of protection and a link to its departed mother. Whether you encounter Cubone in games or watch its story unfold in the animated series, this Pokémon’s journey is sure to leave a lasting impact on fans.

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