Red Ranger (Power Rangers) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Red Ranger’s Costume from Power Rangers

These are the items you will need to pull off the Red Ranger appeal:

Red Ranger Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red tights Start off with a Red Unitard.
2 White Belt Wear a white belt with black buckle.
3 White Cloth Cop a white cloth for the diamond print and stick diamond-shaped cloth to the unitard.
4 Sword Replica as a crime fighting superhero, this sword replica would be an ideal choice.
5 Red Cloth Prepare smaller diamond cuts of red cloth for gloves and boots
6 White Gloves Wear white gloves and decorate with red accents.
7 White boots Step into white boots and place diamond cutouts all over.
8 Red Helmet Get this Red Ranger helmet
9 Full Costume If you would rather buy full costume then this is a good choice

The Red Ranger is often considered the leader of the Power Rangers. To cop the iconic look, wear read unitard or tights and put diamond-shaped white cloth or paper around the body. Cop a pair of white gloves and boots and likewise add contrast red diamond patterns. To complete the look, wear a red helmet.

About Red Ranger

The first Red Ranger is Jason Lee Scott who debuted in the first tv series of the Power Rangers franchise, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The series follows the group of Power Rangers, often in their youth, and they quest to save the community.

Jason Lee Scott started out as a passionate martial artist before being a Power Ranger. One day after martial arts class, Jason and his friends felt an earthquake and were suddenly lifted to an unknown location where they start their journey as heroes. Jason became the leader of the group and has demonstrated great will and prowess as one.