Rita Repulsa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

One of the most popular villains in the Power Rangers universe is Rita Repulsa. She was sealed in her prison for 10,000 years but now she’s ready to conquer the Earth. What makes her a formidable enemy is that she is highly skilled in dark magic.

Rita’s look is quite unique. It is a mix of looking mystical and nature-based. She wears a long orange dress with long sleeves with faint details printed on them. She wears a black armor with blue feathers and conical chest pieces, and her magic staff is always with her. She keeps her white hair twirled in a unique hairstyle Here’s everything you need to look like Rita Repulsa.

How to Make Rita Repulsa Costume

Rita Repulsa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long-Sleeved Orange Dress Start off your Rita Repulsa outfit with a long-lengthed, long-sleeved orange dress.
2 Petticoat Add a petticoat so the dress poofs out like Rita Repulsa’s.
3 EVA Foam Use EVA foam for your black armor and conical chest pieces.
4 Blue Feathers Accessorize with blue feathers.
5 Assorted Acrylic Paint Use assorted acrylic paint for all your costume details.
6 Long White Wig Use a long white wig as the base for Rita Repulsa’s iconic hairstyle.

About Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa has been played by multiple actresses, but none as long as Carla Perez.

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