Dill Pickle and Doe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dill Pickle and Doe’s Costume

Dill Doe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pickle Costume Be sure to check out this pickle-shaped costume to clothe the male counterpart of this duo.
2 White Shirt You can DIY the doe costume by wearing a white shirt.
3 Faux Fur Collar Add texture with this brown faux fur scarf.
4 Deer Headband Be sure to also wear this headband to complete the doe outfit.
5 Khaki Pants For your next piece, wear brown or khaki pants, too.
6 Boots Wear boots to add more brown color to the look.
7 Full Costume You may also wear a full set such as this doe costume.

For this couple outfit, one can wear a dill pickle inflatable costume. Meanwhile, the other one can also wear the deer or doe ensemble which can be recreated by wearing clothes such as a white top and khaki pants. Then add a faux fur detail and a deer headband to complete the costume!

About Dill Pickle and Doe

The Pickle and Doe is a pun on the name of the adult toy dildo. It usually involves the man wearing the pickle costume while the woman wears the doe costume.