French Kiss Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make French Kiss Costume

French Kiss Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black and White Shirt Go for basics with a black and white shirt.
2 Black Pants Pair your basic top with an equally basic pair of pants.
3 Black Shoes Stick to the black theme with a pair of black shoes.
4 Black Beret Look extra French with a black beret on top of your head.
5 Black and White Face Paint Use black and white face paint to re-create Kiss’ iconic looks.
6 Red Neck Scarf Add a pop of color with a red neck scarf.
7 Artificial Baguette Bring along a fake baguette.
8 French Wine Bottle Another member can carry french wine bottle as other prop.

French Kiss is what you call kissing someone with tongue. But not for this costume. This outfit is actually a pun inspired by pantomimes and the hardcore rock band, Kiss. It’s a funny take on what are stereotypical appearances for both the French and the band.

French Kiss is a fun and conversation-starting outfit, for sure. Wear a black and white-striped top, black pants, black shoes, black beret, black and white face paint, and a red neck scarf.

About French Kiss

The term French Kiss, coined in 1922 to describe passionate kissing, was inspired by the French being given the reputation for having more adventurous and passionate sex practices. It originated in English-speaking countries: America and Great Britain. In France, passionate kissing in English translation was referred to as: “a lover’s kiss”, “a kiss with the tongue”, and “a Florentine kiss”.

Kiss (KIϟϟ) is an American rock band formed in January 1973 in New York City.

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