Sadie Adler (Red Dead Redemption) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sadie Adler Costume

Sadie Adler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Button-Down Blouse A plain white shirt can keep you comfortable during your travels.
2 Denim Pants Wear denim pants if you’re roughing it out in the country and want to move freely.
3 Brown Boots Make sure you’re wearing a sturdy pair of brown boots.
4 Brown Belt Keep your pants secure with a brown belt around your waist.
5 Teal Scarf This teal bandana can double as your accessory and as a tool for warmth or disguise.
6 Brown Holster Keep your guns handy in a double holster.
7 Brown Cowboy Hat Protect your face from the heat of scorching sun with this cowboy hat.
8 Star Buckle Replace the buckle of your belt with Texas Star Civil War buckle
9 Pistol Toy Use pistols as props

Sadie Adler has been dealt a shitty card in life when her husband was murdered. But you can see just how strong she is as a person with her unwavering bravery as she navigates a world of misfits and wanted men. Though revenge is her sweet motivation, you’ll be hard pressed to see a more loyal person than Sadie.

Sadie’s outfit is very functional and comfortable. She wears a white button-down shirt, a pair of denim pants, boots, and a hat. She also has two pistols around her waist.

About Sadie Adler

Sadie Adler was voiced by Alex McKenna. McKenna is also known for her roles in Code Black, Bear with Us, and Crossing Jordan.

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