Lt Dangle (Reno 911!) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lt. Dangle’s Costume from Reno 911!

Catch all the lieutenant style points with the pieces below:

Lt. Dangle Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light brown button-down Begin the costume with this top.
2 Brown Ribbon Decorate the shoulders and chest with brown accents.
3 Star Badge Add in a badge to highlight his rank.
4 Light brown shorts For the bottoms, you can try this shorts to take cues from his signature look.
5 Belt Style the shorts with a black belt
6 Mustache For his mustache, you can cop these adhesive fake ones.
7 Sunglasses Then you can complete the outfit with aviator sunglasses
8 Black Shoes Complete the look with a pair of black sneakers.

As a lieutenant, Lt Dangle wears the standard uniform but with a twist. He is know to wear his bottoms shorter than usual. To recreate this look, cop a pair of light brown or khaki pants then pair it with a similar-colored button-down shirt. Style the top with brown accents on the shouldes and the chest pockets. Add in a star badge too. To complete the look, wear a fake mustache and aviator sun glasses!

About Lt Dangle

Lt Dangle or Lieutenant James “Jim” Ronald Dangle, is a character from the tv show Reno 911!. It is a show that features a mockumentary (mock-documentary) style about law enforcement. His character is the highest ranking in their department. His character is gay who is attracted to Deputy Jones. A running gag in the show includes Lt Dangle having his bicycle stolen.