Alice (Resident Evil) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Prior to being the ultimate warrior fighting the Undead, Alice was an undercover spy for the US Law Enforcement investigating the company she works in. She wants to expose them for the bad things they did and bring them down. However, an accident leads her to become amnesiac and sturdier than the average human being.

That’s why this badass, zombie-fighting woman does what she does today! Looking like Alice is quite easy. All you have to wear is a tight black top, black tights, black boots, a black corset vest, and a brown shoulder holster. Here’s everything you need to look like Alice.

How to Make Alice (Resident Evil) Costume

Alice Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Tight Shirt A tight, black shirt helps you move more freely.
2 Black Waist Training Vest Add a little gothic element to your outfit with this vest.
3 Black Tights Allow your legs to move easy in a pair of black tights.
4 Cream Leg Warmers Keep your leg warm with a pair of warmers.
5 Black Knee-High Boots Zombie-fighting requires a durable pair of boots.
6 Brown Leather Shoulder Holster Have your weapons handy and ready in a brown leather shoulder holster.
7 Toy Pistol Don’t forget to arm yourself.
8 Alternate Costume another option for full costume set

About Alice

Alice was portrayed by Milla Jovovich. Aside from all her Resident Evil appearances, Jovovich is also known for her roles in The Fifth Element as Leeloo and The Fourth Kind.

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