Ada Wong Costume from Resident Evil for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ada Wong’s Costume from Resident Evil

Ada Wong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Dress Catch eyes on your next party with this dress.
2 Choker Add a black choker to the dress.
3 Leg Holster Wear this gun holster on one leg.
4 Black Shoes Keep the look formal with these heels.
5 Short Wig Top off the costume with her signature hair cut.
6 Tights She also wears black tights.
7 Gun prop grab a toy gun if cosplaying.
8 Full Costume This link also comes with a full set costume, too.

Ada Wong’s costume is a sight to behold. She wears a red dress with s slit revealing a gun holster on the thighs. She also has short hair cut to add to her femme fatale look.

About Ada Wong

Ada Wong is a character from the video game Resident Evil. Ada first appeared as a supporting character for Resident Evil 2. She is also seen as an ambiguous antiheroine as she sometimes appear to be working for villains. However, she would also bail out Leon S. Kennedy from serious situations. Ada is also known for her sexy aura and is praised for her iconic red dress.