Summer Smith (Rick and Morty) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Summer Smith`s Costume from Rick and Morty

Fortunately for Summer Smith`s fans, looking like her is super easy to do. As a typical teenager, Summer dresses comfortably. Her most notable attire includes a magenta tank top, a pair of white pants, and a practical ballet flats.

Wear a orange wig or use a hair chalk and finish the do with a pony to steal the look. Summer is also highly active in social media so be sure to carry a phone a-la Summer Smith.

Copy this fun and practical Summer Smith outfit pieces today!

Summer Smith Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Magenta Tank Top Cop a pink or magenta tank top.
2 White Jeans Match the tank top with a white pair of pants or white denims.
3 Black Ballet Flats Slip on a pair of black ballet flats.
4 Orange hair chalk Try on easy-to-use orange temporary hair chalk for a more natural looking hair style. Tie to a ponytail like Summer`s
5 Orange Wig An option to the hair chalk is an orange-colored wig.

About Summer Smith

Summer Smith is a character in the hit sci-fi cartoon “Rick and Morty”. She is the daughter of Beth and Jerry Smith and is depicted as a typical teenager: attached to her phone and wishes to be popular among her friends and peers.

Summer can also be described as a smart and humorous girl wishing to be more recognized by her grandfather Rick, who tends to push her aside and have his adventures with her brother Morty instead. Despite thinking of her family as chaotic or dyfsunctional, Summer has many touching moments with them and cares deeply for her family members.