Jughead Jones Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Jughead Jones Costume from Riverdale

Jughead Jones Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray beanie hat Way back when, it used to be a crown, or whoopie hat. When taking the leap from the comic strips to the small screen, Jug’s crown turned into a beanie hat. You can find it in the link to your left or at any Hot Topic store. Otherwise you can make one of your own by cutting and hemming the edges of a gray beanie hat into a zig-zag.
2 Gray “S” T-shirt This element is just as iconic as the whoopie hat. You can either have the distressed “S” ironed to a plain gray, crew-neck t-shirt or buy it online. Either way, it’s vital for your costume to include this t-shirt.
3 Sherpa lined denim jacket this outfit is just another example of Jughead’s love for layers in his attire. Although a sherpa denim jacket is preferred,a regular denim jacket will do the job.
4 White and blue plaid shirt Instead of putting it on the traditional way, you’ll want to tie this shirt around your waist. Virtually any white and blue plaid shirt will do, but we advice you to find one with a Tartan style plaid.
5 Black, slim-fit pants For authenticity, try slim-fit pants, but ultimately any black, regular-fit pants are just as fine.
6 Black leather boots Jughead has a thing for leather boots and all black fashion sneakers. For this outfit in particular, try to get these black leather boots,

Jughead’s Overall Look

Though there are a few variations of Jughead’s outfit, there’s a specific version that caught the attention of cosplayers from the get-go. His gray beanie hat and the “S” gray shirt, as per usual, with a sherpa lined denim jacket on top and black slim-fit tapered pants. Last, but not least, a white and blue, long-sleeve tied around his waist.

Riverdale Jughead VS Comicbook Jughead

The biggest difference between Riverdale Jughead and his comic book version, as far as clothing is concerned, is the amount of layers. Comic book Jug would rock turtle neck sweater with a big “S” in the front and his customary whoopie hat. Black pants and shoes. That was it.

Riverdale Jughead, on the other hand, has an assortment of layers to go with the iconic “S” shirt and the crown-shaped beanie hat, starting with the sherpa lined jackets. Sometimes denim and sometimes plaid.

On ocassions he might tie a plaid shirt around his waist or just wear it properly. It’s not unusual to catch him wearing a hoodie under his sherpa lined jacket.

About Jughead

Jughead, portrayed by Cole Sprouse, is a life-long friend of Archie and Betty. Following the arrest of FP Jones, Jug’s father and leader of the Southside Serpents Gang, jughead went under foster care and went to Southside High for a while before it had to be closed down.

Now a member of the Southside Serpetns, Jughead gets to take care of his mother and his sister. Plus, he gets use his father’s trailer and bike as way to hang on to his memory. This is a grim and darker take on Archie’s classics so it makes sense to create an equally dark backstory for one of the most eccenctric and mysterious characters in the franchise.