Betty Cooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Betty Cooper Costume from Riverdale

Betty Cooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Crown sweater Gray crew-neck sweater decorated with a big yellow crown thickly outlined with black. Make sure to get one of these as it is the central piece and most easily recognizable part of the costume.
2 White shirt It’s customary of Betty to wear layers in a daily basis and this outfit is no exception. For this one, you’ll need a white dress shirt to wear underneath your sweater.
3 skinny, low-rise, black pants Otherwise she’s usually wearing skinny pants like the ones suggested here. Black skinny pants are suggested, but tight blue jeans are fine too.
4 Cream, block heel ankle boots These beige, block heel, ankle boots are Betty’s favorites. We can see how frequently she wears them with many of her outfits. Make sure to include them in your costume.
5 Practice outfit another option is to wear her practice outfit
6 cheerleader outfit or her cheerleader outfit

Betty Cooper’s Overall Outfit

That’s basically the template for most of Betty’s daily attire. That being said, we’re gonna take a look at one of Betty’s most memorable outfits. We’re talking about the gray, crew-neck sweater with the yellow crown; the white shirt and the skinny black pants she wore during jughead’s birthday party back in season 1, episode 10:The lost Weekend.

Riverdale Betty vs Comic book Betty

It’s difficult to pin down the exact differences with specific examples between Riverdale’s Betty and Betty from the comics because they would hardly ever wear the same outfit twice. Nonetheless, there’s a pattern that defines their styles and it’s heavily influenced by their personalities.

For starters, Riverdale Betty seems to be afraid of stepping outside the old-school feminine preppy line and disappoint her oppressive mother; hence, the typical academic overachiever style in the form of tight pony tails, shirts, crew-neck sweaters, cardigans and semi-formal blouses. This makes her eerily robot-like.

Comic book Betty was a completely different ball game. Never afraid of braking a nail, this Mary Sue could do about everything. Spontaneous, simple, fun and the true girl next door is what defines her best. Blue jeans, shorts, sneakers, t-shirts and casual blouses composed most of her wardrobe in a tomboy kind of way.

About Betty

Betty Cooper, played by Lili Reinheart, Archie’s best friend since the age of four. Once a sweet tomboy girl turned into an unsettling overachiever. She’s forever been helplessly in love with Archie, but Veronica is the one seems to always gain the red hair’s favor.

Betty was introduced way back in 1942 as Archie’s love interest before entering a never ending love triangle between her platonic love and her best friend and rival Veronica.

At some point, Archie asked Betty her hand in marriage but they were just children. Nevertheless, Betty did tell him to wait until they were 18. Only future will tell how this relatinoship will unfold