Samurai Jack Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Samurai Jack Costume

Samurai Jack Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Kimono Suit up with this white kimono and carry the air of a confident warrior whose only armor are this thin fabric and his skill.
2 Gray Fabric Peel and Stick Liner Put gray linings to the edges of your kimono to add substance to your clothing.
3 Japanese Wooden Clogs Connect with your ancient origin by wearing this wooden Japanese Geta.
4 Black Short Wig Cap your head with this black wig and make a ponytail similar to Samurai Jack’s.
5 Samurai Sword Wield this mystical katana and proceed to fight your demon.

Samurai Jack is a very skilled Japanese samurai prince whose birth name is unknown and is trapped in a dystopian future by an evil, shape-shifting demon lord ruler. With his mystical katana sword that is capable of cutting through virtually anything, he plunges through all the obstacles set in front of him in order to return to his own time and defeat the demon before it can become the evil ruler.

Samurai Jack is trained by the greatest and most renowned warriors and scholars of his time. He wears a white kimono with gray edging, a wooden geta, and pony-tailed hair.

About Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack was voiced by Phil LaMarr. LaMarr is also known for his roles in Pulp Fiction, Futurama, MADtv, and Future Girl.

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