Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Mary Katherine Gallagher is your stereotypical unpopular teen Catholic schoolgirl. She has lots of nervous tics. And like most socially awkward teenager girls, she also gets stage fright. But no matter how unpopular she gets, Mary Katherine still thinks she’s a superstar. Yeah, she’s a bit delusional.

Looking like Mary Katherine Gallagher is simple. Just envision a Catholic school uniform. You will need a white collared shirt, a red vest, a plaid skirt, white knee-high socks, and white shoes. Here’s everything you need to look like Mary Katherine Gallagher.

How to Make Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume

Mary Katherine Gallagher Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Collared Shirt A white collared shirt is a good base for your Mary Katherine Gallagher outfit.
2 Red Vest A red vest is an essential schoolgirl uniform.
3 Blue and Green Plaid Skirt Look like a student in a blue and green plaid skirt.
4 Knee-High White Socks Keep your legs warm with white knee-high socks.
5 White Shoes Look simple in a pair of white shoes.
6 School Tie Accessory with a school tie.
7 Red Headband Keep your hair away from your face with a red headband.
8 Black Glasses Look extra nerdy in a pair of black glasses.

About Mary Katherine Gallagher

Mary Kathering Gallagher was portrayed by Molly Shannon. Shannon is also known for her other characters during her six-year stint in Saturday Night Live.

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