Stefon (SNL) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Stefon Costume

Stefon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Military Green Shirt Start off your costume with a military green shirt. If it has artsy graphics, better.
2 Black Slim-fit Jeans Match your shirt with a pair of black jeans.
3 Black Sneakers Keep to the street pun-goth look with a pair of black sneakers.
4 Fake Tattoo Arm Sleeves Keep your arms looking as artsy as Stefon with a pair of fake tattoo sleeves.
5 Short Layered Straight Wig Get Stefon’s iconic hairstyle by wearing this wig.
6 Black Ace Spade Ring Make sure to wear multiple rings for your Stefon costume.
7 Crusade Cross Signet Ring The rings should be thick and mostly silver.
8 Gothic Skull Cocktail Ring Most of Stefon’s rings are also designed with themes, so go for those kinds.
9 Celtic Knot Ring Wear three rings on one hand and a single ring on the other.
10 Inspired Tattoo T-Shirt Don’t feel like looking for multiple things? Get this Stefon-Inspired shirt instead.
11 Gold fabric Paint apply some at the lower part for your jeans.

Stefon usually appears on the Weekend Update sketch of Saturday Night Live. Stefon’s job is to give information about family-friendly vacations places in New York. However, he always gives advice about the contrary such as going to disturbing clubs, bizarre happenings, and celebrity appearances.

Stefon is admittedly awkward and inappropriate as a host. Plus, he is usually nervous as you can see with the way he always moves his hands around. Seth is known for wearing Ed Hardy shirts, multiple rings on his finger, and his iconic asymmetrical haircut.

About Stefon

Stefon was portrayed by Bill Hader. Hader is also known for his roles in The Skeleton Twins, Inside Out, It Chapter Two, and Trainwreck.

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