The Ambiguously Gay Duo Ace & Gary (Saturday Night Live) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Ambiguously Gay Duo Ace and Gary’s Costume from Saturday Night Live

Rock your bright-colored superhero outfit with the items below:

The Ambiguously Gay Duo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Bodysuit Get this cool bodysuit to start your costume.
2 Yellow Tape For the letter across the chest, use this yellow tape.
3 Yellow Briefs Keep the look superhero-ready with this yellow briefs outside the bodysuit.
4 Red Belt Then style the brief with a red belt, too.
5 Yellow Gloves Match the underpants with a pair of yellow gloves.
6 Yellow Boots You can opt for this boot cover as a more affordable alternative to boots.
7 Mask Complete the costume with these masks, too.

If you and your partner are looking for a cool costume to rock, this Ace and Gary suit is ideal for you! Not only is it a head-turner, it’s also surprisingly easy to recreate. Start off with a light blue bodysuit and wear yellow briefs over it. Then get a red belt to accentuate the briefs. Finish off with yellow gloves and boots, too!

Then be sure to cut large pieces of letters “A” and “G” on a sticker paper and put it on the chest. Nail the costume with an eye mask!

About Ace and Gary

Ace and Gary or The Ambiguously Gay Duo are characters from Saturday Night Live. Their character is a parody of the stereotypical superhero (like Super Friends). They wear matching bodysuit costumes. Throughout the show, it is also implied that they are in a homosexual relationship.

The duo is a parody of the stereotypical comic book superhero duo created in the style of SNL cartoons like the Super Friends. The characters are dressed in tights, masks, and bright yellow gauntlets, shoes and tights. Typical episodes usually begin with the pair’s nemesis Bighead. Then they would debate if the duo were gay. The police would then call the duo and interrupt the debate and Ace and Gary saves the day.