Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Daphne Blake is the beautiful and rich fashionista of the Mystery Inc., a group of teenage amateur sleuths joined by Scooby, their talking Great Dane.

In her junior high years, Daphne was a typical annoying trendsetter; more afraid of staining her clothes than ghosts. But, as she got older and more mature, she has developed into a very brave and resourceful detective.

Daphne is the most well-dressed in the group and she loves the colors purple and pink. Her chic dress, trendy tights, awesome shoes, and simple headband show this perfectly! Here’s everything you need to look like Daphne Blake.

How to make Daphne Blake Costume

Daphne Blake Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long-Sleeved Purple Dress A lover of fashion, Daphne knows all the latest trends during her time. She showcases her knowledge by wearing a simple but stunning long-sleeved purple dress.
2 Sheer Pink Tights Since moving a lot is part of solving mysteries, Daphne wears a pair of stylishly sheer pink tights both as warmers and added protection.
3 Retro Purple Mary Janes Daphne has on a unique pair of purple Mary Janes that is retro, perfect for any kind of fashion aficionado.
4 Light Green Scarf Like the love of her life, Fred Jones, Daphne wears an accessory around her neck. She prefers hers as a light green scarf.
5 Long Auburn Wig To get Daphne’s signature hairstyle, wear a long auburn wig as part of your costume.
6 Purple Headband Having long hair can be bothersome, so Daphne keeps hers out of the way with a simple purple headband.

For strips on Daphne’s skirt you can stitch this Lavender Fabric.

About Daphne Blake

Daphne Blake has had many voice actors throughout her many appearances, but Heather North was her voice actor for more than sixteen years, the longest run of anyone.

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