Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Chanel Oberlin Costume

Chanel Oberlin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Bow Tie Blouse Add a little exciting spin to your simple attire by wearing a white blouse with a built-in bow.
2 Pink Fur Jacket Look extra glam by wearing a luxurious pink fur jacket.
3 Houndstooth Mini Skirt Look incredibly elegant and opulent in a black and white Houndstooth mini pencil skirt.
4 Pink Knee-High Socks Keep your legs warm in a pair of light pink knee-high socks.
5 White Heels Appear like an avenging angel in a pristine pair of white heels.
6 Round Sunglasses Round sunglasses look incredibly posh and snobbish, like Chanel Oberlin.
7 Hot Pink Clutch Finish off your look with a hot pink clutch.

Chanel is your typical insecure and rich bitch queen. She has a group of friends who are only around to gain from her popularity but she doesn’t care as long as they do what she wants. Chanel is manipulative and cunning and she isn’t afraid to use it against other people.

But you can’t deny that Chanel is truly a fashionable person. She loves dressing up. One of her most liked outfits features a white pussy bow blouse, a black and white mini pencil skirt, a pink fur jacket, pink knee-high socks, white heels, black round sunglasses, and a pink mini-tote.

About Chanel Oberlin

Chanel Oberlin was portrayed by Emma Roberts. Roberts is also known for her roles in Wild Child, The Art of Getting By, Aquamarine, and American Horror Story.

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