Green Meanie (Scream Queens) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Green Meanie Costume

Green Meanie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Snakeskin Shirt Wear a snakeskin shirt as an alternative to the Green Meanie’s scaly undergarment.
2 Black Pants Match your shirt with black pants.
3 EVA Foam Use the EVA foam to create the Green Meanie’s main chest armor.
4 Neon Green Paint Use this neon green paint for your armor and mask.
5 Black Boots A pair of sturdy boots will help the Green Meanie do a quick getaway.
6 Green Fabric Use this green fabric to make Green Meanie’s cape.
7 Mask You can also use this cave demon mask as the base of your Green Meanie mask since they are a bit similar.
8 Latex Set Make use of this latex do recreate the dripping style of Green Meanie’s mask.
9 Bloody Machete Green Meanie prefers to kill with a machete.

If you hear his name, the ‘Green Meanie’ doesn’t seem so terrifying. It’s like a kid’s nickname for a bully. But laugh all you want because when he comes after you, you’re dead.

This machete-wielding serial killer first became active in 1986 as a revenge for a murder done the year before. But the modern Green Meanie isn’t actually the same person. The Green Meanie is actually four different people.

The Green Meanie’s outfit compensates for his name’s lack of scariness. He is depicted as a slimy green monster with a scaly long-sleeved shirt, neon green vest, pants, boots, and a slimy neon green cave demon mask. Here’s everything you need to look like the Green Meanie.

About Green Meanie

Green Meanie’s stunts were done by Riley Schmidt, who was also the one who played the Red Devil from Scream Queens Season One.

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