Stealth Elf (Skylanders) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Stealth Elf is an elven ninja. She is cunning and very sneaky. She is a lover and protector of nature, and loves to speak her mind. She doesn’t know her past and became a Skylander to uncover the mystery of her life. She can be a bit misunderstood because of her sneaky tactics, but she means well most of the time.

Stealth Elf has green skin and blue, braided hair. She wears a black cropped tank top, brown pants, and brown armbands. She also hides her identity under a face mask. Here’s everything you need to look like Stealth Elf.

How to Make Stealth Elf Costume

Stealth Elf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Cropped Tank Top Wear a simple black cropped tank top.
2 Brown Cropped Pants Match your top with brown pants.
3 Brown Boots Move around quickly in a pair of brown boots.
4 Black Face Mask Hide your identity beneath a black face mask.
5 Brown Arm Bands Protect your arms with brown arm bands.
6 Fake Elf Ears Don’t forget to wear elven ears.
7 Long Blue Wig Braid your long blue wig.
8 Green Body Paint Color your skin green.
9 Twin Sickles Instead of elephant tusks, why not arm yourself with twin sickles?

About Stealth Elf

Stealth Elf was voiced by Audrey Wailewski. She is known for her roles in My Life as a Teenage Robot, What Women Want, and RED.

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