BB8 (Star Wars ) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make BB-8 costume

Bb8 Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 BB-8 pajamas Here’s a multipurpose fun outfit for you. It’s a pajama that you can use as a custom. It has BB-8’s markings printed all over.
2 BB-8 T-shirt Another option would be this t-shirt imprinted with BB-8’s sphere markings. You could complement your outfit with an orange or white long sleeve t-shirt and pants.
3 BB-8 Hoodie Alternatively, you could get this hoodie sweater fashioned after BB-8’s colorful patterns.
4 BB-8 dress For a ready-to-go outfit, you could consider this BB-8 dress. Not only does it come decorated with the little droid’s image, but it also includes a headpiece ornamented with an antenna and the markings on top of BB-8’s head.
5 BB-8 Mask Why not adding a little something to your outfit with this printed BB-8 card mask. It will make your costume even easier to identify.
6 BB-8 Beanie Hat Whichever version of this costume you choose, you can always complement it with this BB-8 beanie hat with details embroidered.
7 BB-8 Full Costume To really nail down the look of this little droid in the most loyal way possible, try this BB-8 full costume. It’s an inflatable polyester jumpsuit fully decorated with BB-8’s markings.

You’re all set to roll on to your next costume party.

BB-8’s overall Outfit

BB-8 looks like a white and orange soccer ball with silver details. It comes with a small unmotorized head and what seems to be a camera lens, which we can easily assume it’s the eye. Sadly, there’s not a mechanized human-size version of this costume, but we can put together the next best thing for your BB-8 outfit. Let’s take a look at it.

About BB8

With the most recent entries in the Star Wars franchise we’ve witnessed the arrival of different types of droids and aliens, but one that always seems to stand out is BB-8. This little droid stole our hearts since the moment we saw it in Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Don’t be fooled by its cute and harmless appearance; BB-8 is as cunning it is brave. No wonder it stands side-by-side with the most fearless pilot in the Resistance, Poe Dameron.

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