Star Wars Poe Dameron Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Poe Dameron Costume

Poe Dameron Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown faux leather racer jacket After crash-landing in Jakku, we learn that Poe leaves his jacket behind only to be picked-up by Finn and after seeing it looks good on him, Poe decides to let him keep it. That’s why we see Poe wearing a new Jacket in Star Wars - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. This time it’s a less decorated brown leather racer jacket with the Resistance insignia.
2 Beige, V-neck, half-collar, long sleeve shirt You may have already noticed Poe dresses very much like Old Han Solo. Well they’re both pilots anyway. One of the elements they have in common is the beige, half-collar, v- neck shirt with big lapels they both wear. The closest thing you can find with the minimum effort is this beige, V-neck, half-collar, long sleeve shirt.
3 Moss colored cotton relaxed pants Here we have cotton pants with a relaxed fit. The color may vary between dark gray and dark agave olive. Anything close to that will do the trick.
4 Black, pull-on, faux leather boots Poe’s boots can be described as coffee-brown, pull-on, mid-calf fashion sneakers. Finding footwear with these very specific characteristics is extremely rare. Most cosplayers just go with the pair of black, faux leather boots shown in the picture.
5 Brown leather belt with blaster holster This brown leather belt with blaster holster is the closest imitation that you can find to the one Poe wears in the movie
6 full costume Alternately, here’s the whole outfit just a click away. The set includes the jacket with attached inner shirt, pants with attached boot tops, and belt with a decorative blaster. Jump in an X-Wing and fly to your next costume party rocking this awesome Poe Dameron outfit from The Last Jedi.
7 Zip Front Faux Leather Moto Jacket There’s a very close copy of that same jacket for sale in Amazon, but you very well use a plain brown racer jacket made of leather or faux leather
8 Rebel Alliance Insignia patch and sew the insignia onto to it

Poe Dameron’s overall look

In Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we meet Poe Dameron, the fearless leader of the X-Wing fleet known as the Rapier Squadron. Sick of the New Republic’s hesitance to fight The First Order, Poe joins the Resistance and soars head-on into deadly skirmishes with the enemy’s finest pilots.

Since we have already covered the typical X-Wing pilot’s uniform and Poe’s is no different (except for the helmet), we’ve decided to bring you another cosplay favorite, Poe’s regular uniform. This one includes a brown leather jacket on top of a beige, V-neck, half collar shirt and moss-colored relaxed-fit pants. Coffee-brown, mid-calf, pull-on boots and a brown leather belt with blaster holster.