Director Krennic (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Director Krennic’s Costume from Star Wars

Keep the costume commandy and on-character with these pieces below:

Director Krennic Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Collared Shirt Get this white shirt with Mandarin collar.
2 Gun Holster Then style it with this holster on the waist.
3 Black Pants Wear black pants, too.
4 White Cape You can wear your white cape over the costume.
5 Boots cover For your shoes, you can opt for this boot cover instead of actual boots.
6 Hand Gloves Then wear these gloves.
7 Stickers For these stickers, you can put them on the chest where the Director’s badge is.
8 Temporary Hair Dye Add a white element to your hair with this hair dye.
9 Complete costume You can also get this costume set in one go.

Director Krennic’s costume commands authority. It’s crisp white finish can be recreated by wearing a white long-sleeved shirt then pairing it with a long cape. Then add a dark touch by getting black pants and a gun holster to wear around your waist. You can also make sure to wear boots and gloves to complete the look. Add a blue and red sticker set near the chest to for a make-shift badge!

About Director Krennic

Director Krennic is an antagonist in the film Rogue One. He is the Galactic Empire’s Director of Advanced Weapons Research. He is also the Imperial weapon’s developer that is in charge of the creation of the Death Star. It is a space station that has the power to destroy planets.