Stormtrooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

This villain police costume is as iconic and timeless as the movies itself.

How to make Stormtrooper Costume

Stormtrooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Simple Adult Costume This is a replica from The Force Awakens movie
2 Imperial Helmet It comes with an electronic voice changer
3 Women’s Costume Better fit on a female figure
4 Costume Gloves A pair of trooper gloves for adult
5 Costume Boots A white pair of trooper boots for adult
6 Shoulder Pad Sandtrooper Armor Small and Portable voice amplifier for robotic voice of stormtroopers
7 Voice Amplifier
8 Blaster This blaster features sound and lights similar to the Stormtrooper Blasters in the Star Wars trilogy. The blaster includes a switch to change between blue (stun) or red (kill) lights and sounds when the trigger is pulled

If you want to feel like you’re are an actual stormtrooper then this
Realistic Stormtrooper Adult Costume just the thing for you.

Even though fans always see the Stormtroopers fight with the good guys it doesn’t mean they’re all bad. Finn in The Force Awakens is a good example of a trooper who rebels the First Order. So don’t think of yourself as a bad guy when you put on a costume, but think of a rebellious guy who stands against the wrong.

Stormtroopers’ uniform is a clean-white plastoid composite armor worn over a black body glove. In the new age movies, each Stormtrooper is equipped with the SE-44C blaster pistol and the F-11D blaster rifle as primary weapons.

About Stormtroopers

For fans, the cinematic-universe of Star Wars has been producing plenty of iconic characters and objects up to date, but we are going to be talking about one of the classic roles in this article: the Stormtroopers, a troop that stands on the evil force side. Though the picture of Stormtroopers is as classic and timeless as the Star Wars franchise, it had been re-skinned in The Force Awakens – the first film of a new age Star Was.

To explain further, in early movies the Stormtrooper known as the assault troop of the Galactic Empire, then they become the troop of The First Order, a political and military group that exists as a result of the fall of the empire. Thus there are some changings made on the new age troops’ uniform such as a weapon.