Vulture's Costume from Spider-Man for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Vulture’s Costume from Spider-Man

Vulture Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Wings Start the look by securing your choice of wings.
2 Cape Wing You can also choose this cape-wing instead.
3 Faux Leather Jacket Wear a brown jacket with a Sherpa-lined collar.
4 Gloves Get a pair of brown gloves, too.
5 Capri Pants You can style the jacket with capri pants in olive green.
6 Boots Keep the look utilitarian with a pair of work boots.
7 Harness Add a blue harness to the look.
8 Helmet Complete the costume with a black helmet.

Vulture’s costume features a scavenger-style utilitarian look. You can rock the same vibe by wearing a faux leather jacket with gloves, capri pants, and boots. Then, wear a pair of wings, helmet, and harness, too.

About Vulture

Vulture is a character from the franchise of Spider-Man. His real name is Adrian Toomes who used to own Bestman Salvage which went bankrupt after Stark Industries took over the salvaging industry in New York. He created his flying exo-suit and became Vulture (a black market arms dealer). His operations were noticed by Spider-Man leading to a fight between the two.

Debuting in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #2 in 1963, Vulture is one of Spider-Man’s most enduring adversaries. Often depicted as an elderly man with a high-tech flying suit, Vulture possesses enhanced strength and agility. His abilities, combined with his intelligence, make him a formidable opponent for Spider-Man. The character has appeared in various media adaptations, including the 2017 film “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” where he was portrayed by actor Michael Keaton.