Cammy (Street Fighter) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Cammy’s Costume from Street Fighter

Here are items you can get to nail Cammy’s costume:

Cammy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Leotard Get a green leotard.
2 Chest Harness Then layer a chest harness on top.
3 Nude Tights You may also wear nude tights to cover the legs.
4 Leg Holster Then add this leg holster.
5 Red Fingerless Gloves Add a contrast accent with this red pair of gloves.
6 Red Socks Then wear this pair of socks.
7 Black Boots Slip on these boots.
8 Braids Wear a blonde wig in braids.
9 Red Beret Top the look with a red beret.
10 Green body paint use this green paint to draw some stripes on hands & legs

Cammy’s Street Fighter look can easily be copped with a green leotard as base for the look. Style the leotard with a chest harness. You may also wear nude tights and add a leg holster. Complete the costume with black boots, red fingerless gloves, and braided blonde locks. Top the costume with a red beret.

About Cammy

Cammy is a female character in the game Street Fighter. The game series is one of the highest grossing games of all time and has inspired many one-on-one games that followed.

Cammy White, whose nickname is Killer Bee, first appeared in the Super Street Fighter II installment. After Chun Li, she is the second female fighter but she works for syndicate Shadaloo first. As the game progress, she then becomes a part of MI6 under Britain.