Crimson Viper (Street Fighter) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Crimson Viper’s Costume from Street Fighter

Crimson Viper’s costume can be recreated with these pieces:

Crimson Viper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Waistcoat Get this waistcoat or vest to start.
2 Purple Necktie Then style the white top with purple necktie.
3 Black Pants Wear a pair of skinny pants.
4 Bolero Then you may also top the white vest with this bolero.
5 Belt Style the pants with this belt made with gold buckle.
6 Hand Gloves Add an edgy touch with this pair of leather gloves.
7 Ankle Boots Nail the footwear with this pair of boots.
8 Red Wig Keep the look rocking with a red wig to represent her Crimson side.
9 Yellow Aviator Glasses Add a bright accent with this pair of glasses.

Crimson Viper’s costume is a great head-turner to any costume party! You can rock this look by getting white vest, then style it with a purple necktie. You can also top it with a black bolero. Match the top with black skinny pants as well as black boots. You can finish the look with your red wig and keep it cool with a pair of yellow aviator glasses.

About Crimson Viper

Crimson Viper is a character in the game franchise Street Fighter. She is an undercover CIA agent in S.I.N. She is tasked to acquire data for the BLECE Project. Her battle suit is outfitted with gadgets. Her tight-fitting attire allows her to have skills on electrical, seismic, or pyrotechnic elements. Her fighting style is described to include a lot of baiting, fakes, high jumping cancel, and rushdown.