Chun Li (Street Fighter) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Chun’s Costume from Street Fighter

Fight like a super girl and rock the Chun Li costume:

Chun Li Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Cheongsam Get a short blue cheongsam.
2 White Sash Style it with a white sash on the waist.
3 Brown Tights Pair the cheongsam with brown tights.
4 White Boots Then wear the tights with white boots.
5 Spiked Bracelet Get a pair of leather bracelets with spikes.
6 Bun Wig Tie your hair with twin buns or get this bun wig.
7 Bun Cover Decorate the hair with these bun covers.
8 White Ribbon Tie a ribbon to the buns.
9 Costume set You may also cop this Chun Li costume set.

To get Chun Li’s costume, wear a blue cheongsam or traditional Chinese dress styled with a white sash on the waist. Then pair it with brown tights and white lace-up boots. Then get a pair of spiked bracelet. Finish the costume with a bun wig if your hair is not long enough to tie in a bun.

About Chun Li

Chun Li is a female character in the game Street Fighter. The game series is considered one of the highest grossing games of all time and inspired many one-on-one game franchises that followed.

Chun Li is credited as the first female character in a fighting game. She is a skilled martial artists who is also an Interpol agent. She is seeking revenge for the death of her father who was killed by the Shadaloo syndicate. Chun Li became widely popular after her appearance in the game and was regarded as the “first lady” of video games.