Captain Faclon (F-Zero) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Captain Falcon’s Costume from F-Zero/Super Smash Bros

Captain Falcon is an eye-catching character in the beloved video game series F-Zero. He wears a predominantly blue body suit and armour, a red helmet with a Falcon at the center, a pauldron on one shoulder, elbow caps, and gloves. He also sports a red belt, a gun holster, and yellow boots.

Dress like this awesome video game hero! You can get the pieces here:

Captain Falcon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Body Suit Keep it light and tight with a blue body con suit as base for the costume.
2 Biker Jacket Layer with a blue biker jacket for more texture as armor.
3 Red Falcon Beanie Wear a falcon-crocheted beanie to match the comfort of the body suit.
4 Pauldron Cop a one-shoulder pauldron or armor. You can also paint it gold.
5 Red Belt Wear a thick red belt. Decorate with cardboard circle cut-out at the center.
6 Yellow Gloves Wear yellow gloves.
7 Gun Holster Cop a fake gun holster (and gun) and sling around the waist.
8 Yellow Boots Match your yellow gloves with a pair of yellow boots.

About Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is a character in video game “F-Zero”. It is a futuristic racing game and Captain Falcon has become its unofficial mascot. He is also considered as one of the best racers.

Captain Falcon (Douglas Jay Falcon) is also a bounty hunter although his past is deemed mysterious. There were rumors that he is named “Captain” as he served as one in the police force, too. He loves the lure of bountry rewards and lives in an archepelagic fortress where each island has its own race track for practice.