Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Kirito Costume

Kirito Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 costume, black Kirito has a very edgy and dark costume that consists of a black undershirt and pants and a very stylish long black coat with white accents.
2 Sword, black Out of his two swords, this particular one of Kirito’s swords is a very cool black color, like most of the other items that make up his outfit.
3 Sword, blue The other one of Kirito’s two swords is blue. This sword is a prize which he achieved from completing one of his many quests.
4 Sheath, back-strap Kirito keeps his swords in a sheath that is strapped to his back.
5 Armor, breastplate, shoulder guard Kirito’s armor is in a very cool style that sticks right on to his coat.
6 Wig, black Kirito has very striking jet black spiky hair that you can achieve with this wig.
7 Boots, costume Kirito’s black boots have very interesting metal accents on them that sort of match with his armor.
8 Belt Kirito’s unique blakc belt

Kirito is a very courageous warrior, slaying dragons and completing quests on the daily. It only makes sense that his outfit and costume is one of a warrior and comes in a very cool and bad-ass color, such as black.

Kirito’s outfit is indeed a mainly black look that is very chic and comes off with a dangerous edge to it. The only item on him that is not black or a dark color, is his special blue sword he achieved after completing a certain quest.

The other items in his look, such as his long coat, and his sword sheath, are all black. He also has a few pieces on him that are made of metal. His shoulder guards, his breastplate, and a few accent pieces on his boots are made of metal.

All in all, Kirito’s black outfit is a very interesting costume that will definitely make you look hardcore and edgy to the max.

About Kirito

Kirito is one of the main characters and players in the anime and manga series, Sword Art Online.

Kirito, along with his love interest Asuna, are placed in an online virtual reality game world where they have to battle and go on quests to survive within the game.