Joseph Joestar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Joseph Joestar Costume

Joseph Joestar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tank-top, green, tight Joseph is a young and very fit guy who likes to show off his muscles, so a tight tank-top is definitely the idea shirt for him.
2 Jeans, blue, slim-fit Following the theme of slim-fitting clothing, these simple blue jeans are another item that Joseph likes to wear often.
3 Scarf, green & yellow, striped This yellow and green striped scarf is important to Joseph’s character and a very unique accessory in terms of what he usually wears.
4 Belt, brown Joesph wears a classic brown belt around his jeans. The belt isn’t anything special, but it just adds more substance to his clothing.
5 Gloves, black, fingerless He wears fingerless black gloves to protect his hands if he fights, which is often, and they also just make him look very cool.
6 Wig, purple Joseph has unique purple hair that is in an anime kind of style. The cut of his hair is longer, very shaggy, and with lots of spiky pieces.
7 Clacker balls These clacker balls are another important costume piece that go with Joseph’s character. The color of his clacker ball set is a dark purple color.
8 Boots, tall, black On his feet, Joseph wears tall motorcycle boots that look very edgy and are also very long-wearing.

In this version of Joseph Joestar’s look, the main focus is on tight clothing and showing a lot of muscular outlines. During the time where he wore this version of his costume, Joseph was a younger man and a very hotheaded person at that. He wears a tight pair of blue jeans, as well as a very slim-fitted green tank top, along with some hardcore biker-style gloves.

On his feet he wears tall motorcycle boots, and for accessories he wears a simple brown belt, as well as a long green and yellow striped scarf that was gifted to him by a special person. Other than these things, the only thing you will need is a pair of clicker balls. This costume is very simple, but you are left with a very cool outfit for cosplaying in.

About Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar is one if the long line of Joestar’s in the anime and manga series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In the first series of manga and anime, he plays a crucial part in the latter half of the story as he is grandson of main character Jonathan Joestar. In a separate series, Battle Tendency, Joseph Joestar gets to be the main protagonist of his own storyline.