How to Dress Super Tacky Tourist Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make a Super Tacky Tourist costume

Tacky Tourist Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bright Aloha Shirt Look for a very bright Aloha (Hawaiian) buttoned down shirt that is a little oversize for you, it would be even funnier.
2 Shorts for Men Get a plain designed pair of shots; again, the bigger they are the funnier it would be, so a woman should also wear shorts for men.
3 Flip Flops Grab a pair of flip-flops in any flashy colors that you like.
4 Bucket Hat There are some types of hat that works for the look, but the bucket hat is the best choice. Get one in your preferred color.
5 Fanny Pack This is a must item! Look for a huge fanny pack, the bigger the better.
6 Bright Socks Have fun choosing colorful socks to wear with bright flip-flops.
7 Sunglasses Any regular kinds of sunglasses are suitable for the look.
8 Single Use Camera If you don’t have an old compact camera at home, get a single-use camera to get the tacky tourist look.
9 White Facial Paint Paint a white facial paint on your nose to get the heavy-sunscreen-applied nose.
10 Folded Map Lastly, get a map as a prop. The tacky tourists always point at the map!

The tacky tourist style is easy to spotted. These kind of people are likely to wear a bright printed shirt like an Aloha shirt with shorts and a pair of flip-flops with socks. They love wearing any kind of hats they could find as well as sunglasses and applying a lot of sunscreen on their nose to protect themselves from the sun, even when they’re at the place where the sun doesn’t shine.

They’re also obsessed with a giant fanny pack where they can store more sunscreen and a camera which they use to capture every single thing. Do you want to have fun and dress like a tacky tourist? Follow our list down below!

About Tacky Tourist

When we talk about tacky tourists, our thoughts automatically think of a group of people who are soaked in sunscreen, yet super tan, and speak their language so loudly with over-the-top gesture. They also expect other people to speak their language whether they’re in Europe or Asia, or any other parts of the world. Although often causing irritation and sometimes frustration to the locals, the tacky tourists now can also bring about the laughter and smile with their unbelievable naivety and silliness.