Pop-Tart Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Pop-Tart Costume

Pop Tart Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Khaki Tennis Dress with Shorts Choose this light khaki tennis dress with shorts as a crust base for your sweet and tasty costume.
2 Pink Closed Toe Shoes Pick this classic pair of pink shoes to complement the icing color of your delicious outfit.
3 Light Pink Lightweight Silk Fabric Cut-out a rectangular piece of this lightweight light pink silk fabric just a couple of inches smaller than your dress and attach to your garment.
4 Assorted Colorful Pompoms Get these assorted color pompoms and stick them throughout the rectangular icing of your attire.
5 Pink Lustrous Lipstick Finish off your tasteful costume by putting on pink lustrous lipstick and highlight the mouthwatering appeal of your get-up.

Pop-Tart is an ultra-popular brand of toaster pastries produced and distributed by Kellogg’s since 1964. It is a treat of sweet pastries made from two sandwiched rectangular pastry crusts jammed with a wide variety of fillings, and completed with a sweet icing glaze on top.

Pop-Tart is known as a super quick breakfast treat. To look like one, you should wear a light khaki tennis dress with a light pink rectangular base sprinkled throughout with colorful pompoms, pink shoes, and a pink lipstick.

About Pop-Tart

While the brand, Pop-Tart, has more than 20 varieties sold in stores at any given time and releases around 5 new flavors a year, two classics have outperformed the rest: Frosted Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon; with S’mores rounding out the top three best-selling flavors in the company’s history

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