Octavia Blake (The 100) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Octavia Blake’s Costume from The 100

Octavia Blake Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Corset Top Start the whole costume with this cool goth-inspired top.
2 Belt You can also add a belt once you wear the corset and the pants.
3 Leather Pants Wear a pair of leather pants.
4 Arm Guard Match the warrior look of the corset with these arm guards.
5 Harness Belt Add this harness to the pants.
6 Boots You can wear a pair of boots to fill the war-torn look.
7 Wig You can also add soft waves to this wig for Octavia’s hair.
8 Cape Don’t forget to get a velvet cape!
9 Toy Sword Carry a toy sword as a finishing touch.

Octavia Blake’s outfit covers her whole body starting with a corset top, dark pants, boots, and arm guards. Her costume can also be styled with a selection of harnesses and belts to recreate a warrior look. If you want to recreate her look, be sure to carry a toy sword and top off the costume with a cape.

About Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake is a character from the tv show The 100. She is Bellamy’s sister and was hidden a child because The Ark adheres to a one-child policy. When she was discovered later, she was discriminated and belittled for being a second child. In the first installment, she assisted Clarke as a medical assistance and intelligence point-person. She was also known as the Girl Under the Floor.