Nemesis Sudou Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Nemesis Sudou Costume

Nemesis Sudou Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Waistcoat Start off your Nemesis outfit with simple black waistcoat.
2 Black Strapless Bralette Wear a plain strapless black bralette under your waistcoat.
3 Black Double Split Slit Skirt Pair your waistcoat with a flexible black skirt with a high split.
4 Black Knee High Boots Keep comfortable while on the run with a pair of black knee-high boots.
5 Green Short Spiky Wig Look more like Nemesis when you wear this bright green wig.
6 Black False Collar Accessorize with a black fake collar.
7 Black Long Sleeve Fingerless Gloves Keep your arms protected with a pair of long black fingerless gloves.
8 Brown Holster with Belt Keep your skirt from falling and your weapon handy with the brown holster belt.
9 Revolver Prop Arm yourself with a costume revolver.

Nemesis Sudou is a ruthless assassin in the USE Dark Star Bureau, She was just but wrathful, believing in an-eye-for-an-eye and will take revenge on those who wrong her. She is someone who acts above the law and revels in the utter destruction of her enemies.

Nemesis Sudou prefers wearing all-black. She wears a black bralette, a back vest, a black fake collar, a black high-slit skirt, black boots, and black sleeves. She is also known for spiky, bright green hair.

About Nemesis Sudou

Nemesis Sudou is named after the goddess Nemesis in Greek mythology who enacts retribution against those who did evil deeds and obtained undeserved fortunes.

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