Diva Plavalaguna (Fifth Element) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Diva Plavalaguna Costume

Diva Plavalaguna Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Begin your elaborate costume by choosing this long light blue long-sleeved maxi dress.
2 Black Bib Collar Necklace Put on this black bib collar necklace to approximate Diva’s neck-piece.
3 Black Choker And Bracelet Set Match the fashionable bib with these black choker and bracelets set.
4 Black Chin Strap Wear this black chin strap to have Diva’s head strap and to allow attachment of your head appendages.
5 Long Deadlock Cap Utilize this long deadlock cap to create your long conical head protrusion.
6 Sky Blue Liquid Dye Dye and color your deadlock cap to make it sky blue.
7 Baby Blue Polyester Fabric Use this baby blue polyester fabric to construct the tentacles for the sides of your head and for your back.
8 Fiber Fill Put in the necessary fillings for your conical head and tentacles by using these fiber fill material.
9 Light Blue Skinny Belt for Dress Accentuate your hips with this light blue skinny belt.
10 2 Small Belt Pouch Attach a small belt pouch to each of your sides.
11 Black Nail Polish Finalize your diva outfit by putting on this black nail polish before you showcase another of your galaxy-captivating performances.

Diva Plavalaguna is the universally esteemed and treasured alien opera singer in the English-language French science fiction action movie Fifth Element. She was entrusted to keep the four elemental stones safe as they can help defeat the great evil that appears every five thousand years. She is widely acclaimed and admired throughout the cosmos which is why officials and celebrities attend her shows.

Diva Plavalaguna has several tentacle-like appendages sticking out of her body. She wears a light blue long-sleeved maxi dress, a black bib collar necklace, a black choker, black bracelets, and a light blue belt with small side pouches.

About Diva Plavalaguna

Diva Plavalaguna was portrayed by Maïwenn Le Besco. Le Besco is also known for her roles in Polisse, Leon: The Professional, DNA, and Pardonnez-moi.

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