The Thing Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Thing’s Costume

The Thing Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 T-Shirt Get a plain T-shirt of any colors you prefer to wear.
2 Puffer Jacket Top the shirt with a winter puffer jacket with a hood.
3 Cargo Pants Pair up your top with a pair of dark cargo pants.
4 Winter Gloves Wear a pair of winter gloves in dark colors.
5 Winter Shoes Get a pair of winter shoes in dark color to wear.
6 Winter Mask Wear a winter mask and put on the hood.
7 Head Light Trap a head light on your forehead to imitate the poster’s picture.
8 Sign Use this vinyl and it on the hem of your jacket.

In this article, we won’t be dressing up as an ugly alien, but an iconic poster photo of the movie. We wear a T-shirt, a dark winter puffer coat with hood, dark cargo pants, a winter mask, winter gloves, and winter boots. Also, attach a light on your forehead to imitate the poster’s look. If this look is awesome and you want to recreate it, checkout items down below to make it happen.

About The Thing

The Thing is a 1982 sci-fi horror film about a parasitic alien attacking a group of American researchers based in Antarctica. This creature, referred to as the thing, will take control its preys’ organ and body, then deform it and turn it to a monstrous being to attack other people.

The tricky part is no a group can’t tell who’s infected since the symptom is likely to remain unseen until it actually strikes. This, in result, creates paranoia atmosphere and distrust among the survivors. It can be said that the thing doesn’t only attack physically, but mentally.