Ruby Rhod (The Fifth Element) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ruby Rhod’s Costume from The Fifth Element

Ruby Rhod Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Printed Stole Ruby Rhod’s costume features an exposed neck so you can start off the cosplay with this stole.
2 Tights Next, wear these pair of pants.
3 Shoes Keep the outfit comfy with this pair of shoes.
4 Magic Stick Get your choice magic stick.
5 Patterned Tape Add a layer of tape around your magic stick.
6 Red Pendant Wear a necklace with a red pendant.
7 Pearl Earrings Add another elegant touch with these earrings.
8 Wireless Mic You can also wear this wireless piece.
9 Blonde Wig For the headpiece, you can wear this wig as base.
10 Clear Heaband Then get a clear plastic headband.
11 Loofah Drill holes an this loofah and stick the headband in for a DIY touch for his uniquely-shaped hair.
12 Full Costume If you do not want to get a separate with of costume pieces, you can check out this costume set, too.

Ruby Rhod’s costume is a show-stopper. The all-leopard ensemble features a stole, a pair of tights, as well as a pair of printed shoes! Even the handle of the sceptre is in leopard print! Complete the costume with accessories such as a necklace and pearl earrings. He also has a wireless mic. For his wig, you can do it yourself with a short wig and a matching loofah stuck on a headband to wear.

About Ruby Rhod

Ruby Rhod is a character from the film The Fifth Element. He is known as a host for a radio program sponsored by Floston Paradise. The show is popular that a quarter of the population listens to it. As seen in his scenes, he has a unique wardrobe and he has a feminine manner in combat.