Old Gregg Costume for Halloween 2019

Costumet Team

Nobody knows what Old Gregg actually is. Is Old Gregg a he, a she, or an it? Is he/she/it a hybrid between fish and man? It’s a mystery! And most of us, don’t really care. All most know is that he/she/it lives near the Black Lake, in a cave, has few homicidal tendencies, and a curious body part called a ‘mangina’ (but let’s not dwell on that).

Old Gregg looks hilariously horrifying. He has seaweed hair, ugly green skin color, and he wears the most hideous outfit. He looks respectable in a black dress shirt, white necktie, and white blazer but utterly ridiculous in a pink tutu. Here’s everything you need to look like Old Gregg.

How to Dress Like Old Gregg Costume

Old Gregg Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 Black Dress Shirt Old Gregg wears a simple black dress shirt underneath his/her/its blazer.
2 White Blazer Old Gregg also looks a bit decent with a white blazer and a white necktie accessory.
3 Pink Tutu Unfortunately, Old Gregg’s outfit goes downhill with his/her/its pink tutu.
4 Green Tights A pair of green tights is perfect to copy Old Gregg’s ghastly green skin color.
5 White Boots Old Gregg looks horridly ‘80s in his/her/its white boots.
6 Green Wig Old Gregg has messy seaweed hair so wear a wig.
7 Green Face Paint Don’t forget to paint your face an ugly green color and fill your lips with red lipstick.

About Old Gregg

Old Gregg was played by comedian Noel Fielding as a one-off character in the show, The Mighty Boosh. Old Gregg appeared twice more, once as a cameo in an episode and another on the Live Tour.

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