Old Gregg Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Old Gregg Costume

Old Gregg Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Dress Shirt Old Gregg wears a simple black dress shirt underneath his/her/its blazer.
2 White Blazer Old Gregg also looks a bit decent with a white blazer and a white necktie accessory.
3 Pink Tutu Unfortunately, Old Gregg’s outfit goes downhill with his/her/its pink tutu.
4 Green Tights A pair of green tights is perfect to copy Old Gregg’s ghastly green skin color.
5 White Boots Old Gregg looks horridly ‘80s in his/her/its white boots.
6 Green Wig Old Gregg has messy seaweed hair so wear a wig.
7 Green Face Paint Don’t forget to paint your face an ugly green color and fill your lips with red lipstick.

Nobody knows what Old Gregg actually is. Is Old Gregg a he, a she, or an it? Is he/she/it a hybrid between fish and man? It’s a mystery! And most of us, don’t really care. All most know is that he/she/it lives near the Black Lake, in a cave, has few homicidal tendencies, and a curious body part called a ‘mangina’ (but let’s not dwell on that).

Old Gregg looks hilariously horrifying. He has seaweed hair, ugly green skin color, and he wears the most hideous outfit. He looks respectable in a black dress shirt, white necktie, and white blazer but utterly ridiculous in a pink tutu. Here’s everything you need to look like Old Gregg.

About Old Gregg

Old Gregg was played by comedian Noel Fielding as a one-off character in the show, The Mighty Boosh. Old Gregg appeared twice more, once as a cameo in an episode and another on the Live Tour.

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