The Phantom of the Opera & Christine Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make the Phantom of the Opera Costume

The Phantom Of The Opera Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Shirt Wear a crisp white dress shirt underneath your black vest as a base for your outfit.
2 Black Pants Partner your top with this simple but smart pair of black pants.
3 Black Oxfords Make sure to wear a pair of classic black Oxfords.
4 Black Cape The Phantom adds a dramatic flair to his outfit with a black cape.
5 Black Vest and Coat Wear this vest and coat set to look dapper.
6 White Gloves One of the Phantom’s accessories is his pair of pristine white gloves.
7 Black Bowtie Don’t forget to wear a bowtie to finish your look.
8 Phantom’s Half-Mask The Phantom’s half-mask is iconic so make sure you wear it.
9 Full Costume Set You can also buy this costume set to save time.

How to make Christine Daae costume

Christine Daae Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Renaissance Gown A white Renaissance gown is Christine’s most popular outfit.
2 White Heels Pair your white gown with simple white heels.
3 Red Cape Christine wears a red cape when she goes outside.
4 Red Rose Hair Clips Some renditions of Christine’s outfit has flowers in her hair.
5 Red Rose In Angel of Music, Christine holds a red rose as she visits her father’s grave.
6 Dangling Earrings Part of Christine’s operatic costume is a pair of dangling earrings.
7 Wavy Brunette Wig Wear a wig to get Christine’s wavy, brunette wig.
8 Red Corset In the movie version, Christine wears a red corset.
9 Alternate Costume Here is an outfit alternative for Christine as well.

The Phantom of the Opera was believed by many to be a ghost. But he is actually a disfigured man who made the cellars of the opera house his ghost. He is also a musical genius who helped Christine get the part she wanted and trained her to sing so well.

Unfortunately, he’s not very social and is easily jealous which makes him lash out on everyone, including Christine (who he lets go in the end). Christine’s singing and the Phantom’s musical talent is a phenomenon to behold!

The Phantom goes through all the lengths to hide his disfigurement by making sure that he is impeccably dressed. He wears a dapper outfit consisting of a white dress shirt, black vest, black coat, black dress pants, black Oxfords, white gloves, black cape, and a personalized white half-mask.

Christine Daae is more humble, wearing a white Renaissance gown.

Here’s everything you need to look like the Phantom of the Opera.

About the Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera was portrayed by Gerard Butler who also sung his singing parts for the musical film. Butler is also known for his roles in movies like PS. I Love You and 300.

Christine Daae was played by actress Emmy Rossum. She is also known for her role as Laura Chapman in the Day After Tomorrow.

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