Greta & Gizmo Gremlins Costume for Halloween 2019

Costumet Team

Don’t be fooled by a Mogwai’s adorable, big eyes and short stature. They’re not as angelic as they seem. In fact, these creatures can be downright terrifying. They are also highly skilled in killing off people. While Gizmo might not be evil, it’s not an assurance that other Mogwais (or Gremlins) will be the same. Just look at Greta.

Gizmo is the adorable Mogwai pet that Ryan has. He has brown and white fur, huge brown eyes, and equally huge ears. Greta is the female gremlin who has long, big ears, a scaly green skin tone, and super red lips. She wears a leopard-print two piece outfit. Here’s everything you need to look like Gremlins.

How to Make Greta Costume

Greta Gremlins Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Leopard-Print Bikini Top Get a leopard-print bikini top for your Greta outfit.
2 Leopard-Print Mini Skirt Match your top with a leopard-print mini skirt.
3 Black Heels Look seductive in a simple pair of black heels.
4 Green body suit get this green body suit or paint your whole body with a green body paint.
5 Gremlin Latex Ears Make your ears longer with this latex accessory.
6 Gremlin Teeth Look extra lethal with these gremlin teeth.
7 Green Wig Get Greta’s hairstyle with this green wig.
8 Full costume if in a hurry, get this costume set

Greta the Gremlin Makeup Tutorial

How to Make Gizmo Costume

Gizmo Gremlins Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Start off your Gizmo outfit with a plain white shirt.
2 Brown Casual Vest Copy Gizmo’s two-toned fur by wearing a brown vest over your shirt.
3 Brown Pants Match your vest with a pair of brown pants.
4 White Shoes Stick to the two-toned theme by wearing a pair of white shoes.
5 Mask Look exactly like Gizmo with this mask.
6 Adult Onesie Want an easy time? Get this onesie for your Gizmo costume!
7 Kids Onesie Want an easy time? Get this onesie for your Gizmo costume!
8 Plushie Bring along a Gizmo plushie for added cuteness.

About the Gremlins

Gizmo was voiced by Howie Mandel. Greta is the female gremlin in Gremlins 2.

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