Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Costume

Leatherface Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt, button-up, striped The first part of your costume that you will need is this 70s reminiscent regular striped button up shirt.
2 Pant, work, black The base pieces to Leatherface’s costume is pretty simple, anyone might wear it. These pants are your regular hefty work pant.
3 Tie, black Further supporting his normal outwards appearance, Leatherface wears a tie over his simple work shirt.
4 Bracers, arm, leather Giving him more of a butcher look, Leatherface puts these arm bracers over his work shirt when he gets into his serial killer character.
5 Shoes, work, black Work shoes conclude the normal part of Leatherface’s attire.
6 Apron, skin Leatherface’s legendary apron is a gruesome piece made out of several of his victims body parts and skin pieces.
7 Chainsaw Chainsaws are Leatherface’s weapon of choice. It is vital for a good costume to include a costume chainsaw in your Leatherface look.
8 mask Leatherface’s mask is literally where his serial killer name comes from. He turned his victims skin into a gruesome mask for himself.
9 Blood, fake As Leatherface is a serial killer, to complete the look, feel free to smear this fake blood over the apron, chainsaw, and any other pieces in order to make the costume more gory.

On the outside, Leatherface’s character may seem like a normal person. He wears the typical button up striped shirt, black work pants, and black work pants. However, he is not a regular person at all.

He is a cannibal, skin-crafting, serial killer that uses the skin of his victims to craft different horrific items for himself to use. Parts of his serial killer getup include a chainsaw, a mask made out human skin, and also an apron made out of human skin.

About Leatherface

Leatherface is a cannibal serial killer based on an actual serial killer. He is the antagonist in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and throughout the years many films have been made with him as the main killer. He has been portrayed by many actors over the years, but in the original 1974 version, Gunnar Hansen was the one who played him. The unique thing about Leatherface is that he uses the skin of his victims to make things like his apron, and his mask that gives him his name.