The Grabber (The Black Phone) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Grabber’s Costume from The Black Phone

The Grabber Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Top Keep the look dark with this top.
2 Red Turtleneck Add a red turtleneck to the costume.
3 Pants For the pants, wear a vintage-looking pair.
4 Belt Style the pants with a cowboy belt.
5 Wig Wear a mid-length wig.
6 Top Hat Add a cool touch to the costume with this hat.
7 Special Mask Top it all off with this mask.
8 Full Costume You may also get a full set with this costume.

For The Grabber’s outfit, you can add vintage touches to the look such as a dark shirt, wide-legged pants, a cowboy belt, and a top hat. Then, add a pop of color with the turtleneck. You can rock this costume by getting the special mask made for the character.

About The Grabber

The Grabber is a serial abductor from the film The Black Phone. The victim (Finney) uses an old telephone to communicate with the other victims of the serial killer and abductor. The film received critical and commercial success. It grossed $161 million during its run in the box office.