Andrea (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Andrea (Walking Dead) Costume

Andrea Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Simple Black Tank Top Andrea wears a simple black tank top underneath her shirt as an added layer from the weather and a good alternative when the days turn warmer.
2 Short Sleeve Light Denim Shirt A light denim shirt is a simple and comfortable top to wear when Andrea needs to fight off walkers. Her short sleeves make it easier to move around more.
3 Dark Gray Jeans Comfort is a luxury in the post-apocalyptic world. So, having comfy clothes is a treat that Andrea and her fellow survivors can indulge in. One of those treats is wearing jeans.
4 Brown Gray Lace Up Boots Wearing lace-up boots give Andrea’s feet protection from stones and roots. It also keeps her feet warm. But what makes lace-up boots better is that you can tighten the shoelaces so that your shoes are securely in my place.
5 Bullet Belt When you have lots of guns, the next important thing to have is ammunition. Andrea knows that her weapons are useless without bullets, so a bullet belt is actually a vital accessory for survival.
6 Shotgun An oldie but goody. This shotgun is very handy when it comes to killing off walkers. Andrea’s weapon of choice is both a great gun to battle with and a cool accessory to show off.

Andrea was a strong and brave woman that would do anything for the people she cares about. She is intelligent and opinionated, making her a great leader. However, she is also human and can make mistakes. What’s so amazing about this woman is that she owns up to her slip-ups and redeems herself.

Andrea wears simple layers that highlight comfort and functionality. Here is everything you need to look like Andrea.

About Andrea

Andrea’s short stint on screen in the TV adaptation of the comics, The Walking Dead, was so impactful both to the characters, the cast, and the fans that her abrupt death in Season 3’s finale was met with negative comments. Laurie Holden, who played this beloved character, can be cited in many interviews saying that she felt that Andrea should’ve been given more time.

She actually revealed that she had an 8-season contract prior to the controversial decision to kill off Andrea. This makes a lot of sense as Andrea actually survives to the end of the comics.