Anne Boleyn (Six the Musical) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2021

How to Make Anne Boleyn Costume

Anne Boleyn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Sleeveless Dress Start off your outfit with a green sleeveless dress. Cut in the middle to create the mid-riff look of Anne’s costume.
2 Green Ribbon Use the green ribbon to create ruffles on Anne’s top.
3 Black Gaffer Tape Use black gaffer tape to create the details on Anne’s top and skirt.
4 Black Fishnet Tights Keep your legs a bit warmer with black fishnets.
5 Black Heeled Lace-Up Platform Boots Dance the night away on a pair of black heeled boots.
6 Spiked Hair Cuffs Accessorize with a pair of spiked hair cuffs.
7 Black Forearm Sleeves Punk it out with a pair of black forearm sleeves.
8 Gold ‘B’ Initial Letter Necklace Don’t forget Anne’s signature ‘B’ necklace.
9 Green Eyeshadow Palette Stick to the green theme with this makeup palette.
10 Black Nail Polish Look extra goth with black nail polish.

Historically, Anne Boleyn was a Queen of England and one of the six wives of King Henry VIII. In Six, she is part of the girl pop group with Henry’s other wives. The play revolves around the girls trying to outdo one another to become the group’s leader. Her musical solo is titled Don’t Lose Ur Head which is a reference to how she died in real life.

Anne Boleyn is portrayed in SIX as being immature, childish, fun-loving, and intelligent. She wears a green sleeveless dress with black gaffer tape details, black fishnet tights, black forearm sleeves, black platform boots, a gold ‘B’ necklace, and spiked hair cuffs.

About Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was portrayed by Millie O’Connell in the first UK Tour and the original West End production of Six the Musical. O’Connell is also known for her roles in Be More Chill, Soho Cinders, 42nd Street, and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

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