Duke Caboom (Toy Story) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Duke Caboom’s Costume from Toy Story 4

Dress like a cool racer a-la Duke Caboom with the items below

Duke Caboom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Coat Get a plain white coat for jacket.
2 White Pants Pair the coat with white pants.
3 White Coverall You may also get this one-piece coverall.
4 Red Shirt Then wear a red shirt underneath.
5 Red Tape Add red accents to the outfit using tape.
6 Maple Sticker You may also use this red sticker to put on the area where a belt buckle could have been.
7 Flag Cape Wear this cape, too.
8 White Helmet Style this helmet with red tape accents, too.
9 White Shoes Complete the crisp white look with these shoes.
10 Fake Facial Hair Complete the outfit with a fake mustache.

You can channel Duke Caboom’s eye-catching and confident style by wearing a red crewneck shirt under a white coverall. You may also simply get a plain white jacket and pants in place of a coverall. Be sure to add red accents on the sides of the jacket and pants to nail Duke Caboom’s outfit. Then complete his outfit with a red-and-white Canada-inspired cape, a maple leaf sticker on the pants, and a pair of white shoes. Put on a helmet and fake facial hair to finisg the costume!

About Duke Caboom

Duke Caboom is a character from the animated film Toy Story 4. He is described as a Canadian toy based from Canada’s most renowned stuntman. Duke Caboom’s inspiration may have come from the 1970’s daredevil and his attitude is confident but despite this, he is unable to perform stunts like the legend he is inspired from.